2013 Design Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions!

First of all, thanks to everybody who contributed a design! We had more 30 entries from 20+ contributors! I was supposed to let everyone know on March 15th, but I agonized for days about choosing the winning designs. This year’s designs were overall excellent and deserve praise!

No huge upsets this year though! The top three places were filled by the same people… their designs were awesome last year and this year was no surprise that the same 3 folks came up with great designs!

1st Place – Ronald Visser of the Netherlands!

 photo ronald_visser_zps17990809.jpg

2nd Place – Alexander Agafonov of Russia

 photo alexander_agafonov_zps893bce1b.jpg

3rd Place – (two winners) Davide Lussetti of Switzerland

 photo davide_zpscf785bf5.jpg

and Ferry Yanchuk of Ukraine!

 photo ferry_yanchuk2_zpsa57ccc70.jpg

Honorable Mentions:

Cloud Mountain
 photo cloud_mountain_zpseff10906.jpg

Emmet Guzman
 photo emmet_guzman_zpsdc93e4ab.jpg

Brian Howeth
 photo brian_howeth_zps1f967612.jpg

Ronald Visser (3 other designs)
 photo ronald_visser2_zpsd4365b79.jpg
 photo ronald_visser3_zps84521848.jpg
 photo visser_mountain_zps4c04db1d.jpg

Ferry Yanchuk (2 other designs)
 photo ferry_yanchuk1_zps5b4b5d3a.jpg
 photo ferry_yanchuk3_zps10fe2197.jpg
Ana Belen (Communitea)
 photo ana_been_zps6e28f321.jpg
Connor Walsh
 photo connor_walsh_zps4f810878.jpg

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