2014 Design Contest Winners and Entries!

Sorry to make everyone wait. It’s all because I agonized for so long about which ones to choose. I knew I wanted to head in a new direction, more artistic and less branded. Everyone that buys these teas know where they come from and so we try to match the lovely teas this year with some nice artwork that will (hopefully) create a synergistic effect.

This year’s winners are all new people. Previous winners also submitted some very good entries, and through no fault of their own I didn’t choose those designs. I just want you all to know that my choice is based largely on the designs we needed.  Sara’s and Igor’s will be used for our raw cakes for Spring and Autumn, whereas Luca’s and Martin’s designs will be used for some ripe cakes we are planning! I apologize in advance if my not choosing your entry upsets you. You are all winners and everyone did a great job! I am incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful artists and designers submitting their entries this year.  It’s an honor and I thank every one of you!



This year’s winners were:

1st. Sara Pellerin (Canada)
2nd. Igor Kozhanov (Russia)
3rd. Luca Fossati (Italy)
4th. Martin Ostrolucký (???)


Sara Pellerin’s winning design:

 photo yearofthehorse4_zpsc8b7bffe.jpg

Sara Pellerin’s other designs:

 photo yearofthehorse3-2_zps30daf345.jpg

 photo yearofthehorse1_zpse48ad0cb.jpg

 photo yearofthehorse6-colour_zps499164f5.jpg

 photo yearofthehorse5_zpsf66d338e.jpg

Igor Kozhanov’s winning design:

 photo 2_zps849c3780.jpg

Igor Kozhanov’s other designs:

 photo 1_zpsbaee4440.jpg

 photo 2bw_zpsf83f4bdf.jpg

Luca Fossati’s winning design:

 photo YS1_zps454b770e.jpg

Martin Ostrolucký’s winning design:

 photo design01preview_zpsbd6f29dd.jpg

Honorable Mentions:


Alexander Agafonov’s designs:

 photo 2014_2_zps382cdefc.jpg

 photo 2014_1b_zps6659aa9e.jpg

 photo 2014_1a_zpsc232f9f7.jpg

Ronald Visser’s designs:

 photo 2014_RVisser_v6_zpsc3d91c33.jpeg

 photo 2014_RVisser_v5_zps364d08b1.jpeg

 photo 2014_RVisser_v4_zps2c42d7b6.jpeg

 photo 2014_RVisser_v3_zpsadafc55f.jpeg

 photo 2014_RVisser_v2_zpsaab7197a.jpeg

 photo 2014_RVisser_v1_zps8830205e.jpeg

Holly Reynolds:

 photo HollyReynolds_zps764f128e.jpg

Tomas Klouda:

 photo 1964452_604606846280231_76666935_n_zpse9540215.jpg

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