Year of Sheep/Goat Design Contest Winners!

Next year I promise to be on time with announcing the winners.  Apologies for my tardiness!

As with previous years the designs we received were excellent.  Our decision is based on several factors and deal directly with the ability to adapt the design to the different cakes we will produce this year.  There were tons of excellent designs that we didn’t use!

Thanks Everyone!


First Place – Igor Kozhanov (Russia)

Igor Kozhanov's design photo v4_zpsdc9w7qmb.jpg

Second Place – Marichka Turanska (Ukraine)

Marichka Turanska photo 0-1_zps1z62ezha.jpg

Third Place – Ronald Visser (Netherlands)

 photo 6acc6f9b-67a0-4f12-986c-a782b1907b8d_zpstkzzbknp.png

Third Place – Sebastien M (France)

 photo c8bed395-6155-481e-bdda-3b1366767de5_zpsyz6wmfmu.png

Fourth Place – Michaël Jourdan (France)

 photo Cake20420420colours2020black_zpsrrmf1c7d.jpg

2 thoughts on “Year of Sheep/Goat Design Contest Winners!

  1. It’s nice design, but I can’t use for my raw cakes… I need to have a place to put the hand stamp. I will use this one for ripe!

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