Year of the Dog Design Contest WINNERS Announcement!

With each passing year we get more and more wonderful designs from people all over the world!  This year was certainly no exception.  We got over 80 designs in total.  More than half were in consideration.  We had a poll on the Yunnan Sourcing Fans group, and the “people’s choice” rankings for some of the top designs are show there.  Have a look!
In the end, I have to choose the designs that I like and designs that will print well on the paper that we use for the cake wrappers.  So in other words, it’s a very narrow criteria and just one (very fallible) person’s choice.  Many of the designs were usable in other formats and we may contact you to inquire about using them in a t-shirt design or something else.  Only 6 people had their designs place and win a prize, but likely we will use as many as 12 designs for our wrappers this year, so I may contact you and ask for permission to use your design, which you will be compensated for (if we can agree on the terms)!
Thanks to everyone who participated!  If you didn’t win please don’t be discouraged.  Most of the designs I received were attractive and fanciful!

1st Place – Patrik Benedičič (Slovenia)

2nd Place – Neimen Jaidde (Russia)

3rd Place – Jake Knapp (USA)

4th Place – Giovanni Crispino (Italy)

5th Place / 1 – Anna Kampane (Latvia)

5th Place / 2 – Dave Bailey (USA)

Honorable Mentions (we may also use these designs)

Marichka Turanska (Ukraine)

Daniel Mervis (USA)

Timothy Sparling (USA)

Kuan,Pey-ying (Taiwan)

Benjamin Denkert (Germany)

Hannah Zipper (USA)

Hive of Tea Bees (USA)

Brianne Neumann

Simon Osten









1 thought on “Year of the Dog Design Contest WINNERS Announcement!

  1. I’m so glad Dave Bailey’s design was picked, that was my favourite. Great selection of artwork… Looking forward to seeing how they come out in real life.

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